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It is reassuring to know that when your air conditioning system malfunctions, you can rely on a reputable, responsive and reasonable AC repair company to get your system back up and running. Find out why so many homeowners and business turn first to First Service Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, serving West Texas since 1952. With offices in Midland and Big Spring, Texas, First Service is known in the HVAC industry as the West Texas leader in air conditioning services, along with heating and plumbing services.

Indoor comfort is vitally important to your health and well being at the same time when hot weather puts the most strain on air conditioning equipment as it runs continuously for hours. And to maintain operational efficiency, HVAC systems require maintenance. When that maintenance is delayed or neglected, components of the system wear down and often break without notice. It is costly to ignore a needed repair and let your AC unit hobble along until it shuts down and requires even more costly repairs. There are telling signs to look for to know when you AC system requires servicing.

  • The AC system shuts down. The HVAC system may have worn down to the point of no return, or a catastrophic problem may have immediately stopped the unit. No matter what the cause, servicing is obviously needed, and our AC repair experts can diagnose the problem and offer solutions to get the unit back up and running.
  • The AC system shuts on and off irregularly. When your AC unit turns on and off more frequently than usual, it is time to have it checked out for possible cycling problems that may be caused by electrical or thermostatic issues.
  • The AC system leaks water. An HVAC technician needs to be called to evaluate leaks that may damage mechanical and electrical parts.
  • The AC system freezes up. A layer of frost and ice is a red flag for impeded air flow or other problems in the unit, which can literally allow the equipment to freeze up and quit.
  • The AC system runs too warm. The air conditioner can be on its last legs, the thermostat may be malfunctioning or the unit may need a refresh of coolant. Let a professional HVAC service technician evaluate and determine what is causing the unit to blow warm air.
  • The AC system is producing unusual sounds. A mechanical breakdown may be imminent if it is preceded by sounds that are out of the ordinary. Have an HVAC professional pinpoint the cause of the noise to determine the best course of action to return the unit to normal operation.

Signs Your AC Systems Needs Servicing

Turn to First Service for Reliable AC Repair Services

Take action to return your AC system to normal operation. The sooner you do it, the sooner your HVAC system will be back up and running efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills and keeping everyone comfortable again. Make the first call to the AC repair experts you can count on—First Service Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, serving West Texas, operating offices in Midland and Big Spring, Texas.

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