Heating Repair

It just takes a quick call to First Service Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to have your heating system repaired. Get super quick, reliable and affordable heating repair with First Service, serving West Texas communities, including Midland and Big Spring. Getting repairs completed on your heating system does not have to be a burden. Contact First Service for hassle-free heating repair service.

There are tell-tale signs your heating system may need repairs.

  1. Cycling off and on. If your heater continually cycles on and off during short periods of time, there may be a serious defect in the heating system such as a failing heat exchanger, thermostat or other component. The constant turning off and on through short cycling may be difficult on the system and cause wear and tear. It may also make your system less efficient and more expensive to operate.
  2. Constant thermostat adjustment. If your heater cannot adjust the temperature to comfortable levels in the rooms of your home or business, the system may not be moving the warm air right, requiring adjustments or upgrades.
  3. Unusual sounds. Loud banging, rattling and scratching sounds often indicate problems with the mechanical components of the heating system, such as the motor, blower, air handler and fan. Squealing may be a sign of fan belt or bearing problems, while high-pitched screeching may signal compressor problems.
  4. Yellowish flame. A blue flame is a clean-burning flame, but yellow may indicate that the flame is not burning correctly and producing dangerous carbon monoxide. Leave the premises right away and call First Service for assistance.
  5. Increasing energy bills. Higher gas or electric utility bills are a sign your heating system is operating inefficiently.
  6. No or low heat. If your heating system is not producing the heat it used to, something needs to be adjusted or replaced. Let a First Service heating system technician inspect your heater and find out exactly what is causing the problem.

Signs Your Heating System May Need Repairs

Complete Heating System Repair

If you experience any issues with your heating system, it is time to call First Service for help.

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